Chris Kalisz

Personal Training  Director

Chris Kalisz grew up in Chicopee MA, right outside of Springfield MA. Growing up, he was involved in a variety of different activities including basketball, soccer, baseball, swimming, and skateboarding. Always being active and a free-spirit, Chris knew that one day he would work for himself, but he would be doing something that impacted humanity in a positive way. His passion for health and fitness landed him a job at a local gym as the cleaner. Originally it was not the position that he desired, but over the course of 4 years he grew to love working there. It humbled him and taught him to take pride in everything you do, and to excel at whatever the task before you might be. Without a cleaner, the gym would be a mess, and the members would be unhappy and eventually leave. So he realized how important what he did really was.

At the age of 17, Chris began pursuing the dream of Professional Wrestling, the WWE kind you see on T.V. His drive and passion for the business and the dream of wrestling with World Wrestling Entertainment carried him across the country over a course of 11 years. While pursuing wrestling Chris moved to Fairfield County CT to pursue a job as a personal trainer. Starting in 2008 at the Edge Fitness Clubs, Chris worked there for 3 years, and then deciding to further his education and push his own boundaries, left for Equinox. Remaining with Equinox for a year, Chris made the decision that he wanted to start his own business, and so he did in 2012.

During his wrestling career, Chris suffered some serious injuries to his neck and knee in 2014. This was the shift he needed and is what launched him down the path of Movement Therapy and Pain Management. Personally experiencing his own body’s break-down, Chris became fascinated with the misperceptions and the general lack of understanding for one’s own body. Chris currently works 1:1 with clients suffering from pain, tightness, and mobility restrictions utilizing Stretch Therapy, Muscle Activation, and Trigger Point Release Techniques to reduce pain, and improve movement.

He has also created the Mobility Project 24/7, an On-Demand video library of tutorials for self-corrective application involving 7 different tools and techniques to start treating your own body and your own restrictions and pain.

Chris says, “My goal is to help you better understand your own body, and the how, when and why to perform general maintenance on yourself by providing you the user manual to your own body.”