ELEVATE was founded back in 1993 with 6 basic principles.

1. To encourage, develop, and promote improved Health and Wellness standards for all members.

2. To create the ability for all members to have access to knowledge and information for all Health and Wellness issues.

3. To provide education about health and wellness issues and developments.

4. To be a voice for our members to be able to be heard on matters that concern the quality and availability of healthcare and other issues that concern same.

5. To do any and all other things lawful and proper for such an association in the promotion of the common interests of its members.

6. To have a resource for the purchase of their Health and Wellness products including benefit plans for the member and their families.

With more than 75,000 members, ELEVATE is one of the nation’s premier membership organization for assisting individuals with various types of Health and Wellness concerns.  ELEVATE supports a strong fundamental belief in putting our member’s needs first!  Our mission is the lead the new age of health and wellness services between the quality and the cost of healthcare services. 

As a member of ELEVATE we expect that you will promote the highest standards of honestly and personal integrity.  We promote various wellness programs that are readily accessible for you and your family and we hope you maintain a well-balanced and healthy life style.


What ELEVATE can offer you

ELEVATE has partnered with several groups and associations to offer superior health and wellness plans. Our plans make logical sense. Unlike most current health plans, nearly every plan we work with will give you your annual physical at no charge as well as offer you copays for both your primary and specialist doctor visits, Rx, urgent care and a diagnostic benefits all before having to satisfy a deductible. We also pride ourselves on being one of the few associations left to offer high deductible, HSA eligible plans. HSA eligible plans are a great way to control you healthcare spending on top of reducing your personal taxes.

ELEVATE can also you access to some of the best dental and vision plans across the country. We offer both PPO and dHMO dental plans at a very affordable cost. These plans boast extensive, national networks, little to no waiting periods for preventative or basic service as well as offer higher Annual Max to cover all your dental needs. Our vision plans also utilize a national provider network, and will cover glasses, contacts and annual check-ups.

On top of that, we can also offer you Accident plans to help cover the unforeseen occurrences as well as Critical Illness plans to help with medical expenses pertaining to 10 key conditions such as cancer, heart attacks and more terminal illnesses.

Finally, ELEVATE always looks towards the final insurance payment, Life Insurance. That is why we include an AD&D policy on nearly all of our programs. However, if you are looking to protect your family and your assets, we will be there for you, today and tomorrow. Let us compare up to 5 major carriers to ensure you will be covered properly. Don’t forget to ask about adding Riders to you coverage as well.

Careers at ELEVATE

At ELEVATE we are always looking to expand our broker market. We are firm believers in personal and actual human interaction in a cyber world. That is why nearly all of our products require actual signatures and a consultation with our brokers. If you are looking to build a long career, with a strong support system, reach out to one of offices and we can get you set up to begin offering membership into our association.